Healing With Pictures

Enjoy our picture book… allow it to start healing your brain and your relationship with your man and other men around you who you already know or have yet to know. These images are helpful for healing  your relationship(s). Enter each scene and dwell there. Inhabit the scene. Learn how to do it here so that you can do it when you are living your life, wherever you go, with your man or when you are on your own…when your analytic brain wants to take over and consume you. Every time, you practice grounding yourself in images, feelings, sights, sounds, smells, you will be forming new neural pathways, getting in touch with your feelings and with the moment. This is called “present timing”. It can turn your relationship around quickly when it becomes a habit. It will interrupt obsession, analysis, fear, anxiety, etc. Develop the ability to enter the present scence with your senses, grounding yourself in physical elements of what is around you (whether it’s your living room, the vibe of the restaurant, the movie characters, your dinner plate, the taste of the food, the hardness of the park bench, rich green of the trees). If you do this, you will access your feminine energy, the mystery you have as a beautiful woman… this practice of entering the present scene around you takes your attention off of a man and roots you in your mystery, the present…pictures, objects, feelings, visuals, will heal your brain, enrich your capacity to enjoy life and draw men to you. It will make you a more intuitive, feeling woman and grow your capacity for love and intimacy. It may sound odd. Every day, pick one or two pictures and spend a few moments gazing. Feel the colors and sights. Be creative, enter the scene. Come to these if you are obsessing, feeling anxious about your man. Notice the shift. It’s neurological. Then try with your natural surroundings on your own and when you are with a man. This will shift the atmosphere for both of you so that it is calmer, more relaxed, more enticing, more inviting, more alluring and your own world will slow down and feel richer and more comfortable to you. Give it a try and see…



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