Thank you for browsing. My mission is to help women to heal in the area of love and relationships. This is ministry. I have a business career where I earn income. I see that as a way of funding ministry. This ministry is a labor of love. Healing can happen fast. When I say fast, I mean starting today, right now, in the upcoming moments of this day, and even more profoundly in hours, days, weeks. Our love lives can turn around. I want this for every woman. As far from true as it may feel, this area of life can be easy, nourishing, rewarding, peaceful, fulfilling. Try love tips and tools in the picture book and you will feel results. You will feel different inside. You will experience joy in your day,  as soon as today … Everything on my site is free. I am Catholic. I have a prayer life but you don’t have to share that in order to benefit from many of these tools. Most of my family members are not religious… doctors, scientists. I am also very much an empirical person at heart. I trust what shows itself to work in practice. These tools work. If you make small changes each day, you find results that you can validate without having to stretch and strain to see. It will be obvious to you. I am not selling anything. I want to help as many women as I can. I am called to it … I am called to the woman who is unmarried and doesn’t know why who laments in those quiet moments but has told herself she is fine with it to tolerate it… I am called to the woman who spends the day obsessing about a man with whom she is in an imaginary relationship… I am called to the woman who turns herself inside out trying to win a particular man over who can’t make up his mind or is using words like “friend” or just isn’t really there… I am called to the woman who is dating an adolescent in an adult body … I am called to the woman healing from divorce who is telling herself once was enough and she doesn’t need this ever again… If all is well in this area, maybe you don’t need tools. Maybe women need your help! When man-pain is present, we are held back from our purpose on the planet to an extent, limited. And, even more subtly, even when we are just comfortably shut off from love, just doing our own thing, we are also limited. To live limited is one way to avoid hurt. But is it the full life to which you are called? And even if it were good enough… What if there is a way to live without those barriers and limits? A way to experience love and fullness without strain and drain? A way for love to inspire you in all areas as well, to enrich your life and the ways that you give back? There is a way. This ministry is an rooted in an amalgam of disciplines and decades of study and experiences: Neuroscience, psychology, addiction recovery, coaching, spiritual direction, lay counseling, educational ministry, leadership change management, human dynamics, team building, facilitation, corporate process change, business, and research on human relations and the nature of influence. The choice between man pain or loneliness felt like a dichotomous  enigma I would never transcend. I have transcended the false dichotomy… And so can you.