The three simple things a man needs…

The 3 Things!

1. To feel successful with you… like he can make you happy…

He feels this when you appreciate him regularly.

2. To feel safe being himself around you…

He feels this when YOU are comfortable being YOU… accepting of yourself… authentic to your feelings… and not fixated on him.

3. Space to pursue… He needs to be the one to “close the gap”…

He has this need met when he does the calling, initiating, question-asking, requesting, driving,  planning, and proposing…

… and you are receiving and responding rather than initiating. Imagine physically leaning back in the relationship… And he comes toward you.

That’s about it.

Appreciation, safety, and space to pursue.

If any of these are missing, you can make small adjustments to see your relationship (and your life) turn around quickly for the better.


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