What makes us unchristian is the absence of Christ – 2/1/2017

“What makes us unchristian is the absence of Christ”

P .26 Magnificat – February 2017 Edition

As I was reading this, I felt drawn into it, to pause. Isn’t this true? It is not simply an epithet. It’s ontological. It’s literally the case that we are unchristian when we are physically absent Christ. I.E. No matter how good an act looks or well-intentioned, in the absence of His actual presence, the act is not a Christian act. On the flip side, in the presence of Christ, an act, however baffling it may appear, is a Christian act. This means… It is not about how we identify or think of ourselves that makes us “Christian”, nor is it our deeds, nor is it the prayer we said at conversion time… It is about Christ’s ontological presence in and through us. This is all that it means to be Christian. To be in his presence and operating from that communion with Him moment to moment. That means, it’s not a one and done. It is an ongoing relationship. And while our deeds are not Christian or unchristian, his witness is seen in those deeds when they are inspired of his presence and this can be the case regardless of how a person identifies him or herself. The moment MY identity as a Christian becomes paramount, it is immediately narcissism. It is about HIS presence always. Witness is always about HIS presence and HIS presence only which can be seen in and through us and our deeds and it can also be smothered by us and even by our good deeds. This may sound paradoxical but it is not. It is simply true. Christ is a living, breathing, Person…. inspiring Himself in and through us as we commune with Him… or not. There is grace and also our response which is either welcoming or rejecting of His presence. And this decision is not simply made once, nor is it even made daily, it is made moment to moment in our life, our loves, and our choices. Will we love Him or will we reject Him by loving ourselves more? This can happen in any human person at any given time as we are all made in His likeness and image. There is no special club but there is a choice. Do I want credit or do I want Christ?


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