Love Tips: Three Principles for Navigating “Love Tips”

1. I hope you can overcome trauma with tools on this site… 2. You can learn to speak in ways that work… 3. You can be present and true to your feelings from now on..

Three principles for navigating love tips on this site…

  1. Authenticity firstEverything you speak must be true and real in the moment. Speaking to a man, anyone. Practice speaking in your body to express reality of the moment.
  2. Connection, not competition… If you find yourself in a power struggle or drama or a game with a man (or anyone really)… you’re definitely off track…
  3. NO games, NO drama, NO strategies… Authentically relating is the only way to build love and connection with anyone … there is no way of gaming the system. If you feel like you are strategizing, you probably are in drama or a game and are pursuing outcomes in a masculine way… it means you’re off track. Drop your guard immediately… find something authentic to say or do. that grounds you Get away from love tips, take your focus off a man or anyone, and look more into the tools for connecting with you until you are out of the strategizining and gaming state and tips can be tools for actualizing your own authentic self rather than tactics for getting an outcome.

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